In Kiev, they are going to expand the Natalka park



The first month of 2020 has not yet managed to cross the middle, and in Kiev, work is already underway on the reconstruction of the Natalka park. The truth is now the changes will affect to a greater extent the technical part of the green zone.

The pedestrian area and bike path will also increase. The Informant informs about this with reference to "Evening Kiev".

New “highways” in the park extend to Volkovaty Bay, where there is already an observation deck overlooking the bay, river and the left bank of Kiev. Changes will also affect the park area near the North Bridge (under the bridge). Garbage dumps will be removed there, and steps will be reconstructed on the sides of the bridge.

In this case, no serious work is planned on the site - nevertheless, it is a technical area, and besides, it is flooded from time to time. Although part of the thickets and shrubs will nevertheless be removed, and new shore-strengthening gabions will appear on the border with water.


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