Today is World Thank You Day



World Thanks Day is celebrated annually on January 11th. In this way, UNESCO and the UN want to remind people of how important good manners are.

International Thanksgiving Day does not require much effort, however, some countries celebrate the most courteous day of the year with entertainment, charity events and fairs.

For the first time, the word "thank you" is mentioned in the Parisian dictionary-phrasebook, which was published in 1586. According to AnydayGuide, the origin of the International Thank You Day is incomprehensible. It is believed that at first companies advertised this holiday to increase their sales, but still this does not make the concept of this custom less attractive.

This is a real opportunity to express gratitude to those people who complement the picture of your life and make you who you are.

The magic of the word thank you
According to psychologists, gratitude is not only a courtesy and an opportunity to improve relationships, but also concern for the psychological health of both parties.

Researchers suggest that gratitude can improve well-being, physical health, create positive emotions and help deal with stressful periods in life.

Since expressing gratitude is commonplace for most people, the person who says “thank you” often does not attach much importance to this. However, gratitude seems to optimize a person’s view of life. Grateful people are ready to accept new challenges and are more optimistic about achieving their goals.

Thanks can be given not only for good deeds or help. Learn to thank people for their experience: broken relationships, criticism at work, and more. All these situations teach and shape your personality and indicate which people and peaks you need to reach for, and which ones should be avoided.

Having thought over the lessons learned from previous failures, you can better prepare for future successes.

An interesting fact: when employees feel that the boss praises and appreciates their work, they become grateful for the work task and the opportunities that they have.

Saying the word “thank you” is more than social behavior; it is also an assessment of diligence. Unfortunately, we often forget to thank others, not always noticing the efforts of family and friends. Be polite, because a simple "thank you" will improve the life of your loved ones.

Why is it important to thank yourself
More often than not, we forget to thank ourselves. For some, this may sound silly, but still, each of us has the greatest effect on our own lives. Popular American writer and business coach Anthony Robbins wakes up every morning with thoughts of gratitude. He assures us that this is the first step to reach new heights.

Of course, in many cases we need someone's help, but this does not mean that we should not pay attention to our personal achievements. Remember that you are well done and do more than you think.

Thank yourself after cleaning, cooking and working day. Thank you for sitting down on that diet, but even if you haven’t sat down, thank yourself for your ability to accept this. Thank yourself for every step, even if it is small, because this is a useful exercise that raises not only mood, but also self-esteem.

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