What devices will check the roads in Kiev



The quality of repair of the capital’s roads will be additionally checked with special devices that the Kyivavtodor Utility Corporation received on the eve of the next road-building season.

The capital's road services have such devices:

- TransTech SystemsPQL asphalt concrete density meter - will check the quality of the coating, density and temperature of the asphalt layer;

- road rail - will look for bumps on the surface and determine the angle of inclination of the coating;

- a device for dynamic testing of soil and the foundation of the road ZFG 3.0 - will examine the strength and degree of deformation of the canvas.

- infrared thermometers and mobile temperature meters - will be used to control the temperature of asphalt concrete.

The deputy general director of "Kievavtodor" Valentin Osipov said that the use of new devices does not cancel the external independent control.


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