In the center of Kiev, parking time will be limited, and the cost will increase



Now the cost of parking in the center of Kiev is from 5 to 10 hryvnia per hour. The city authorities plan to increase the tariff to 50 hryvnias per hour, at least, and limit the time allotted for parking. But at this stage, the city hall has no authority, reports Today.

Director of the Department of Transport Infrastructure of the Kyiv City State Administration Dmitry Rakhmatullin said that he repeatedly applied to the Cabinet of Ministers and the Verkhovna Rada with a request for these powers. But there is no result yet.

Dmitry Rakhmatullin also said that people, at the current parking cost of 10 hryvnias per hour, leave their cars for the whole day (which is about 10 hours in time, that is, 100 hryvnias per day), but they don’t pay, because the penalty for non-payment makes only 200 hryvnias. And if you pay it within 10 days, give a discount of 50%. All the same 100 hryvnias come out.

Therefore, they want to introduce certain restrictions on the number of allowable parking hours depending on the zone. Thus, in the center of Kiev it will be possible to park only 2-3 hours. The tariff in the central part will be increased significantly - up to 50 hryvnias per hour. Fines will also be increased.

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