On Teremki scammers cheat gullible concierges



In Kiev, on Teremki, scammers have appeared who operate according to the old, but effective scheme for luring money from citizens. The attackers mostly deceive the elderly, saying that they have lost very important documents and are ready to pay a lot of money to the finder. One of these stories was shared in the public "Kiev Operational".

A woman comes to an unsuspecting concierge and tells the heartbreaking story that she and her husband allegedly scored loans at one time. At the same time, the husband is a sailor and goes on a voyage, and all loans are issued to him. And so she allegedly took the documents to pay off the debts at the bank. But bad luck, on the way the woman lost all the papers. Perhaps left them in the mail.

At the same time, the fraudster adds that if someone suddenly brings the loss, then she is ready to pay $ 500. In this case, the attacker leaves the contact phone number. The pattern is repeated for all sections of the LCD.

A few hours later a man is announced who allegedly found the documents and is ready to return them for a fee. Trusting concierges rush to call the number left, but here they are waiting for a catch. A woman who allegedly lost her documents says that she is not at home now, but is already taking a taxi and will soon rush for the papers.

At this time, the man who allegedly found the documents begins to say that he is in a hurry and will not be able to wait until she arrives.

"The owner of the documents" tearfully begs the concierge to pay for the find with the man, since she needs the documents very urgently today. And in order to appease the concierge and sprinkle her vigilance, he adds that he will come by taxi, return the money to the concierge and pay her for assistance.

The victim agrees to pay the allegedly finder of securities and often gives the fraudster a decent amount of money - almost all that is in the wallet. Naturally, no one ever comes for documents.

According to eyewitnesses, of the five sections of the LCD was able to "take the crop" from three. For a day, scammers lured about 10 thousand hryvnias from concierges.

Woman: middle-aged, about 40 years old, hat with a light bubo, dark fur coat, dark jeans, dark boots, glasses, black square.

Man: slightly above average height, about 40 years old, short dark blue jacket, dark autumn youth hat, dark trousers, Nike sneakers with light soles, a small dark bag

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