On Shulyavka destroy the square and build a residential complex



On Shulyavka, on the site of the Glory to the Tankers square, a 24-storey residential building 50 Avenue is being built. But it turned out that the site of the square, according to the General Plan of Kiev, cannot be built up with residential buildings. It is reported by "Delo.ua".

The site at Victory Avenue 50a is already fenced with a green fence and preparations are underway for construction. The site for the sale of real estate LUN already has a corresponding announcement, but the sale of apartments has not yet begun.

At the same time, according to the General Plan of Kiev, the square of the square cannot be built up with residential buildings. Back in 2004, the Kyiv City Council sold the land for the construction of a fast food cafe. Three years later, the purpose changed to the construction of a shopping and office complex, and in 2018, a message was announced about the beginning of preparatory work for the construction of a commercial and office complex on the Victory Avenue, 50a, with landscaping of a public garden.

In May 2019, the contracting authority informed the Kyiv City State Administration about the change at the beginning of the preparatory work. In June, officials visited the site of the planned construction, but there were no responsible representatives of the construction site. Officials were not able to verify the facility.

- The Department appealed to the Shevchenkovsky UPU GU of the National Police of Ukraine in Kiev with a request to assist in conducting the verification at the specified address. So far, we have not received information from law enforcement agencies, ”said Oksana Popovich, the first deputy director of the department.

If you receive the necessary documents from the developer, according to Popovich, the department will conduct a detailed check and in case of violation of the law will take the necessary measures.

Recall that in the square on Shulyavka there is the famous T-34 tank, which was the first to enter Kiev in 1943 when the city was liberated from the Nazis.

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