In Kiev, receipts appeared with new types of payments



Already this month, in the payment receipts of Kyiv residents will appear the column “contributions for the maintenance of commercial accounting units”, where contributions will be calculated for the 4th quarter of 2019. Recall that the amount of contributions is determined by the Order of the Kyiv City State Administration dated September 30, 2019 No. 1716 for each house separately, it depends of the number of apartments and the number of common house meters installed in the house. Kyivvodokanal collected the most popular questions that will help to understand what these innovations are and answered them. Do I have to pay this fee if I live in a privatized house or if there is no common house meter in my house? Not! This contribution is paid only by residents of apartment buildings where a commercial unit is installed. Do you really need this contribution? Where does Kievvodokanal spend this money? The contribution is needed to pay for the maintenance of the commercial metering unit, which includes the meter itself, pipelines, valves, filters and the like connected to it. If the meter is not repaired and checked in time, but the leakage on the adjacent pipes is not eliminated, the meter will fail, and residents will have to pay for water supply according to water consumption standards, which in fact is much more than the actual amount of water consumed. The money paid by consumers as deposits is spent by Kievvodokanal solely on the maintenance of nodes of a commercial appearance. Why hadn’t this contribution been made before, but now it has appeared? Until 2017, funds for servicing commercial metering units were laid down in the tariff for water supply. But by a resolution of the NKREKP in November 2017, these expenses were excluded from the tariff structure. Therefore, for two years, metering stations were serviced only in the event of an emergency. By order of the Kyiv City State Administration dated September 30, 2019 No. 1716, the fee for servicing commercial counters with a separate column in receipts of kiyans was restored. Did the normative documents establish the need to pay this fee? According to Article 6 of the Law of Ukraine “On the commercial accounting of heat energy and water supply”: “The costs of the operator of external engineering networks for the maintenance and replacement of commercial metering units (their components) are reimbursed by the consumers of the corresponding utility service, by paying the utility service provider fees for service and replacement commercial accounting unit. »What determines the size of the contribution? The size of the contribution depends on the number of rooms in the house and the number of house owners. How do I know the size of the contribution in my house? By order of the KSCA dated September 30, 2019 No. 1716, the amount of quarterly installments was determined for the maintenance of commercial metering centers for public utilities for centralized water supply for each building separately.

How often do you pay this fee? The fee is paid once a quarter and for most consumers ranges from 2 to 10 UAH per quarter. Can Kyivvodokanal increase / decrease the size of the contribution? Kievvodokanal can not independently change the amount of contributions. The size of the contribution is determined for each house by Order of the executive body of the Kiev city council No. 1716 dated 09/30/2019. "On the establishment of contributions for the maintenance of PJSC" Kievvodokanal "nodes of commercial metering for public utilities for centralized water supply."
The methodology for determining the amount of contributions for the installation, maintenance and replacement of commercial metering units and their distribution between consumers of public utilities, owners (co-owners) of premises equipped with individual heating and / or hot water supply systems ”was determined by order of the Ministry of Regional Development No. 129 dated 06/05/2018. Yakiy the list of works to perform Kievvodokanal due to contributions? Does it include the replacement of metering devices and the establishment of new ones? The maintenance work includes: a monthly review of the meter, repair work, repair of leaks, replacement of valves and filters, periodic meter verification. Replacement of instruments is no longer subject to repair, and the installation of new ones is not included in the list of these robots. Can I be present when performing maintenance work on the metering station Yes, any consumer can be present during the performance of such work in his house. You can find out the date of work at the home's asset holder (chairman of the OSMD, ZhEK employees, etc.), which the water utility workers should notify in advance of their visit.

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