How to recover five days after the holidays



New Year's snacks, salads with mayonnaise, drunk alcohol - all this does not pass without a trace for our body. No matter how sad it may sound, but after a festive holiday, many will face retribution in the form of a couple of extra pounds, swelling and skin rashes. Regardless of what day is on the calendar, for the health of our body it is recommended to adhere to a balanced and competent diet. But, if nevertheless on holidays you allowed yourself a lot of excess and harmful food, do not despair. You have time to spend a cleansing week of beauty, which will help to get in shape and free the body from toxins and toxins.

The first and most important rule that you must adhere to is to exclude animal products from your diet. During the detox program, it should have a lot of greens, a lot of water, fruits, vegetables, legumes and gluten-free cereals.

After sleep
Each morning you should start with one or two glasses of water, infused with the juice of half a lemon and a slice of ginger. If you do this daily, you will feel how quickly the work of the gastrointestinal tract improves and metabolism activates. To enhance the effect, after detox water, a sorbent can be diluted in a glass of warm water - 1 teaspoon of psyllium (husk of plantain seeds). It is important that the package says "The whole husk of plantain." This sorbent collects all the accumulated mucus, unnecessary cellular debris that will appear in the body after nutrition and alcohol flaws. By the way, psyllium can be drunk not only in the morning, but also before bedtime.

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