The names of 15 criminals became known, Ukraine gave to the Kremlin



The names of another 15 people from the list of those who were transferred to Ukraine controlled by militants in the framework of the exchange in December became known.

This is stated in the material Slidestvo.Info.

As noted, all 15 people were convicted of criminal offenses, the connection of many of them with terrorism or separatism, according to the publication, is not traced. Lawyers for some of them wondered why they were listed on the exchange.

In particular, the names of the convicts and the crimes in which the accused went to the militants became known:

Sergey Shilin, convicted of killing a local policeman with an ax;

Denis Shatunov, convicted of trying to order the murder of Odessa EuroMaidan’s Sergei during which;

Vsevolod Podolsky, is charged with attempted assassination of police officers during detention in the Kiev metro;

Viktor Nemchenko, convicted in robbery in 2019, spent more than 20 years in prison in the Donbass for various crimes;

Mikhail Titov, convicted of robbery and participation in illegal armed groups, but the verdict is sent for a new trial;

Alexander Haver, accused of robbery;

Nikolai Totsin, convicted of the murder of a woman who rented a room;

Vladimir Kononchuk has seven convictions, the latter for the murder of his niece, in whom he was hiding from the police, for some time collaborated with militants, but fled from them;

Andrei Drozd, convicted of murder in a brawl;

Gennady Olshansky, accused of killing a neighbor in a drunken brawl;

Sergey Komraz, convicted of possession and attempted transportation of drugs across the border with Russia;

Eduard Zhelty, has five convictions, the last sentence is for drug trafficking and illegal arms handling;

Andrei Prisyazhny, repeatedly convicted, last sentence - for systematic theft of telephone cables and robbery of apartments;

Arthur Morozov, has more than seven convictions, the last time we have been convicted of theft;

Maxim Misyak, accused of three murders.

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