Tomorrow January 10, Ukrainians will be able to see a penumbra lunar eclipse



During an eclipse, the brightness of the moon in the sky above the Earth will decrease, because the satellite will pass through the outer shadow of the planet. As a result of this, part of the moon will be hidden and will not be visible.

You can enjoy the sight without a telescope. According to astrologers, in good weather the phenomenon will be clearly visible in Asia, Australia, Africa and Europe (including Ukraine), in northwestern North America and eastern South America.

The origin of such a full moon was explained on profile sites from the USA.

- The full moon in January was called the Wolf Full Moon, because at that time wolves were more often heard. Wolves, as a rule, howl in order to determine the territory, find members of the pack and gather for hunting, astronomers said in a publication on the site of the "Old Farmer's Almanac".

Tomorrow, the penumbra lunar eclipse will begin at 19:07, and will last about four hours. The maximum phase will be at 21:10.

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