In which schools and kindergartens of Kiev will stadiums, gyms and buildings be repaired



Prozorro public procurement website has launched new tenders for repairs and maintenance in educational institutions in Kiev. The total cost of all work is 41 million UAH. About schools and kindergartens that will repair stadiums and gyms, as well as replace drinking fountains, read the Money Informant.

2 million 397 thousand 540 UAH will be allocated for service maintenance of water purification systems and drinking fountains in educational institutions of the region By the end of 2020, the contractor will clean the filters for water purification, replace equipment, install touch-sensitive motion sensors and cold water meters. A complete list of schools and kindergartens where maintenance will be carried out can be found here.

Reconstruction of the stadium, which is attended by students of schools No. 194 on the street. Heroes of the Dnieper, 10-B and No. 252 on the street. Zoe Gaidai, 10-B, will cost the local authorities 30 million 962 thousand 770 UAH. According to the terms of reference, the contractor will have to install 6 stands, 156 spectator seats, 2 bench benches, cover the football field with artificial grass and install 34 simulators on the sports ground. The contractor will also install 24 video cameras, 12 street lights and 4 floodlights to illuminate the sports area and playground.

Buildings in the stadium will also be repaired. The contractor will insulate the facades, insert metal-plastic windows and doors, install suspended ceilings, paint the walls, lay ceramic floors, install partitions in the bathrooms, washbasins, toilets and showers, lay new water pipes and sewers. In addition, they will repair the roof of buildings and the heating system, install batteries and replace the pumps. Repair will be completed by the end of this year.

For maintenance of drinking fountains and water purification systems in schools and kindergartens of the district, it is planned to spend 1.9 million UAH. Until mid-August, the contractor will replace equipment and disinfectants. A complete list of educational institutions can be found here.

Overhaul of the catering unit of kindergarten No. 543 on the street Pavlovskaya, 6 will be executed for 2.5 million UAH. By August 20, the contractor will lay new water and sewer pipes, install washbasins, toilets, shower trays, hand and lid dryers, water heaters, radiators and water treatment systems. False ceilings will also be installed in the catering unit, LED lamps will be hung, ceramic tiles will be installed on the walls and floors, metal-plastic doors will be inserted, an electric frying pan, a potato peeler, scales, a dough mixer and other equipment will be installed.

At school number 27 on the street Academician Tupolev, 20-E will repair the gym for 2 million UAH. The room will be painted with ceilings, ceramic walls will be tiled, rubber safety floors will be laid, lamps will be hung, a basketball stand and a goal for mini-football with a net will be installed. The work will be completed by August 15, 2020.

Maintenance of technical equipment of catering units and laundries in 97 educational institutions of the district (see the full list here) will cost the local administration UAH 1.4 million. During 2020, the contractor will have to carry out repairs and monthly inspections of washing machines and dryers in laundries, as well as equipment in catering units.

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