Loss due to Turkish Stream



The volume of transit of Russian gas through Ukraine in 2020 will be reduced by 15 billion cubic meters due to the commissioning of the Russian bypass pipeline "Turkish Stream", which officially launched on January 8.

“Gas transit through Ukraine in the Balkan direction from January 1, 2020 is carried out only for the needs of Romania and Moldova. Bulgaria and Turkey, as well as other countries in this region, no longer receive gas through Ukraine. As a result, the decrease in transit through Ukraine this year will be about 15 billion cubic meters of gas, ”said Sergey Makogon, Chairman of the Ukrainian Gas Transportation System Operator.

Note that Ukraine receives significant revenues from gas transit. In 2019, their size exceeded the expenses of the state and private companies on gas imports.

According to Makogon, Ukraine has prepared for the launch of the Turkish Stream. In particular, a new corridor was created for gas supplies to Ukraine from Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece in volumes up to 15.8 million cubic meters of gas per day.

“We count on test deliveries already in January,” added the head of the GTS operator.

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