Two months of arrest without determining the size of bail: a sentence for suspected murders of two girls



Two months of arrest without determining the size of the bail - such a sentence was issued by the Shevchenkovsky district court of the capital at the request of the prosecutor's office of the city of Kiev for suspects in the terrible murder of two girls in Kiev on Podil.

The actions of the suspects were qualified under paragraphs 1, 6, 12, part 2 of article 115 and h. 4 Art. 187 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. They are charged with the intentional killing of two persons for selfish motives by prior conspiracy by a group of persons and robbery with grievous bodily harm.

For what he has committed, he faces 10 to 15 years in prison or life in prison.

By the way, as the Observer writes, the suspect Sergey Ksendzik, who was released from prison in 2017, two years ago (also on New Year) already carried out a similar crime in Lviv and beat two girls. True, then the two victims survived.

Characteristically, the XENJIK was then taken into custody. But the court for some reason decided that the person is not dangerous, and in July 2019 he was released on bail of 34 thousand UAH. By the way, the next court hearing on this case was to be held on January 20.

As reported by Magnolia TV, we are talking about the repeatedly convicted 34-year-old Volyn Sergey KSENDZIK from the village of Lyubitov, Kovelsky district and 19-Risny Elizaveta Bershatsky from the village of Lipnyazhka, Dobrovelichkivsky district, Kirovograd region. In the media and social networks, their photos appeared.

Recall the owner who rented a couple for the New Year to rent housing on the street. Kirillovskaya in the city of Kiev. Having arrived at the apartment, she found the bodies of the girls lying on top of each other in the closet. The double murder occurred on January 4.

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