In the city of Brovary, police saved a 4-year-old girl and her suicide father from tragedy



On special line 102, a message was received from caring neighbors that a man was standing on the roof of his two-story house along Bandera Street with a child in her arms.

Within minutes, the patrol police response team arrived at the address indicated. The police immediately critically assessed the situation, the possible ways to approach the alarm clocks, called the rescuers and medical assistance.

Law enforcement officers persuaded the father to give them the cub. The man agreed, but he remained on the roof with the intention to commit suicide.

While the workers of the traffic police were driving, the police did not lose time and negotiated with the young man.

Fortunately, the rescuers removed her husband from the house and thus saved his life. A 4-year-old girl was taken to a hospital where she was examined by doctors. Psychologists work with a suicide husband.

As it became known, the man intended to commit suicide, as his wife had recently died.

Dear citizens! If you are going through difficult times in your life for quarrels with relatives, loved ones, loved ones, in no case do not lose hope and do not fall into despair! Remember that with such irreversible actions you will do even more trouble!

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