The official list of the dead crew members on board the Boeing in Iran



On Wednesday, January 8, a Ukrainian aircraft of UIA (flight 752) crashed under Tehran (Iran), which flew to Kiev. There were 176 people aboard the Boeing 737 and they all died. There are 11 Ukrainians on the list.

Among them are passengers and crew. The informant, referring to the official message of the UIA press service, publishes a complete list of dead Ukrainians.

It is known that there were 2 Ukrainian passengers on board the crashed plane, another 9 Ukrainians were crew members.

Naumkin Alexey Evgenievich
Gaponenko Vladimir Ivanovich
Khomenko Sergey Anatolyevich

flight attendants:
Statnik Ekaterina Olegovna
Matkov Igor Valerevich
Mikityuk Maria Mikhailovna
Lichno Denis Mikhailovich
Ovcharuk Valeria Evgenievna
Sologub Julia Nikolaevna

At an emergency briefing, UIA Vice President for Flight Operations Igor Sosnovsky spoke about the lost crew. On board were six cabin crew. According to him, there was an enhanced crew on board the liner, as the airline took into account the complexity and duration of the flight. Therefore, specifically for this flight and put experienced staff. So, commander Vladimir Gaponenko 11 thousand hours of flight. Naumkin Alexey - an instructor on an airplane, 12 thousand hours of flight. Co-pilot Khomenko Sergey - 7 600 hours of flight. In this regard, the press service declares that the crew error is minimal.

In addition to Ukrainian citizens, there were also citizens of other states on board the aircraft. Foreign Minister of Ukraine Vadim Priestayko posted on Twitter information on the countries of origin of the victims of the crash:

Iran - 82;
Canada - 63;
Ukraine - 2 + 9 (crew)
Sweden - 10;
Afghanistan - 4;
Germany - 3;
Great Britain - 3.
He also said that the Ukrainian authorities are continuing the investigation. Zelensky personally instructed to check all civilian aircraft in Ukraine.

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