In Ukraine recorded an outbreak of a dangerous flu stamp



In Ukraine, recorded the outbreak of a new stamp of dangerous flu Kansas.

Influenza is a rather dangerous disease that can even end in death. There are various stamps of this virus. And now, according to doctors, the most dangerous of them was found in our Ukraine.

About this wrote the portal "Observer", we note that four people have already died from it in the last month. According to doctors, the epidemic may begin immediately after school breaks. So, it is reported that on December 31 in the Zhytomyr region the first person died from the flu. And on December 18, in the Odessa region, a one-year-old child died of flu. Two more deaths were recorded in the Kharkov region - a 62-year-old woman and child died there.

It is reported that last season in the United States, Kansas flu killed 80 thousand people. This was due to the fact that it was not prepared in America that this particular stamp of the virus would prevail. Medics recommend having antiviral drugs in your home medicine cabinet that can be taken in the first hours of the disease. This will make it easier to deal with the infection.

In addition, doctors advise eating onions and garlic to boost immunity. It is also worth avoiding large crowds in the streets and even wearing a face shield. For protection, doctors advise lubricating the nasal mucosa with oxolinic ointment.

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