How many animals were injured due to fireworks in Kiev



On the first day of the new year, many animals were injured due to fireworks. Hearing the explosions, the animals were scared and tried to escape, it was not safe for everyone to end. This was reported in the Animal Rescue Team of Kiev.

“From the appeals that came to us during the day on January 1, at least 4 dogs jumped out onto the road and got hit by a car, two of them did not survive. Two frightened dogs fell into the cellars. One cat hid from salutes in the engine compartment of the car and stuck, one cat in the apartment hid in a suspended ceiling, "rescuers said.

Note that not only in Ukraine animals are scared of fireworks. For example, in the Czech capital of Prague, on December 31, many swans suffered. Hearing the explosions, they began to take off and crash into the tram wires.

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