After the assassination of Suleimani, NATO will withdraw part of its contingent from Iraq



NATO is withdrawing part of its contingent from Iraq amid tensions in the region after the assassination of the US Iranian General Kassem Suleimani in Baghdad.

According to a NATO spokesman, the Alliance will take "all necessary precautions to protect" its personnel, DW said.

NATO has already suspended training activity as part of its mission in Iraq - non-combat, training and advisory programs for training the republic’s security forces.

This mission has about 500 instructors and consultants from alliance states, most of them from Canada.

NATO is ready to continue the mission as soon as the situation allows, the representative of the alliance emphasized.

General Suleymani was killed on the orders of US President Donald Trump with a missile strike on the night of January 3 at the Baghdad International Airport.

US President Donald Trump called Commander Al Quds "the number one terrorist in the world."

Iran compared the killing of Suleymani with a declaration of war and promised retaliation.

After that, it became known that the American military base in Iraq was fired by rockets.

Iranian television reported that the military operation was named Martyr Suleimani and is a response to the killing of Iranian military Kassem Suleimani.

The Pentagon noted that Iran fired rockets at two US military bases in Iraq.

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