In Troeshchyna, teenagers beat a passerby to death



Last night, on January 7, in Troeshchina, a gang of teenagers beat a man to death. According to GO "Capital", it happened on Mayakovsky Street, 11b.

The victim’s neighbor called the police around 01:23 and said that he saw a friend lying near the house with a broken head. He also noticed the attackers who fled to a nearby entrance. Arriving outfit and ambulance only stated the death of the victim.

Around 09:00, police detained the suspects who carried out the attack. They turned out to be teenagers - two guys of 19 years old, one 16-year-old and another 14-year-old girl. They said that there were two more with them - a 30-year-old man and a 17-year-old guy. The suspects said they just wanted to rob a passerby, but did not calculate their strength and accidentally killed.

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