In Kiev in Troieschina burned down "Hall of the Kingdom of Jehovah's Witnesses"



In the early morning of January 8, a fire broke out in Kiev at 64 Pozharsky Street, which is located in the village of Troeschina. The roof of a three-story building flashed. As a result of the incident, a man was injured.

The call to the line "101" arrived at 04:55. The informant became aware of this at the scene.

Arriving rescuers found that the roof of the building in which the "Hall of the Kingdom of Jehovah's Witnesses" is located is on fire. Initially, the ignition area was about 80 square meters. However, the fire was assigned a rank of increased complexity.

To the place of ignition, in an emergency, they began to pull together additional rescue forces. Fire almost completely covered the roof and after a while it collapsed. During extinguishing, firefighters were disturbed by parked cars. Because of them, special equipment could not drive up to the burning building.

It was possible to localize the fire only at 06:49 on an area of ​​150 square meters and eliminate it at 07:03. Later it became known that a man was injured during the incident. He independently turned to the hospital for help. Previously, he has burns of the upper and lower extremities.

14 pieces of equipment and 56 personnel worked on the spot, as well as doctors and patrol officers. The causes of the fire will be investigated by investigators.

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