How to clean your liver at home



The liver is the organ that works around the clock. All harmful substances that enter the body from the external environment, as well as with food, are neutralized thanks to liver enzymes. By the way, the liver is the only gland in the human body that has the unique ability to independently recover. But in any case, your liver should be helped at least a little and cleaned of toxins at least once a year, especially since this can be done at home without using any medications.
What symptoms indicate that the liver needs to be cleaned:

1. Deterioration of hair and nails.

2. Heaviness in the right hypochondrium felt every day.

3. Metabolism. This also includes irregular stools and diarrhea.

4. Allergic reactions to certain food products, manifested for the first time.

5. Skin problems. Uneven complexion, red rashes, the appearance of a large number of blackheads and so on.

How to safely clean the liver at home:

1. Eating fruits and vegetables. If you want to cleanse your liver, then every day you need to eat one grapefruit, apple, carrot, beet, broccoli, kohlrabi, asparagus, etc. Also, lemons do an excellent job of cleansing the liver, but since a person is not able to eat a whole lemon, a pair of lobules during the day will be enough. By the way, you can make smoothies or freshly squeezed juice from these fruits and vegetables, which will no less beneficially affect the liver.
2. Greens. People are divided into two types: those who eat greens, and those who do not use it in cooking and modestly put it on the edge of the plate if they eat at a party. Proper balanced nutrition is difficult to imagine without greenery. In addition, such varieties of herbs as spinach, parsley, basil and dill are very useful for the liver and digestive system as a whole.

3. Green tea. Everyone knows that green tea leaves are natural antioxidants and have a unique ability to remove toxins from the body and liver, including. So, if you want to help your liver cleanse naturally, then green tea can solve this problem.

In order to cleanse the liver yourself, you need to add the above products to your daily diet and then the process of purification will occur by itself. It is advisable to refuse harmful products and alcohol, at least the liver will be grateful to you for such help.

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