How to eat red caviar sandwiches



Sandwiches with red caviar should not be served on the table with butter.

This was told by a dietitian Natalya Denisova, reports newsyou.

According to the expert, bread can be eaten either with caviar or with butter.

“Caviar itself contains a lot of fat, so mixing it with other fat in the form of butter means increasing the calorie content of the snack and with it the load on the cardiovascular and digestive systems,” the doctor explained.

In addition, the nutritionist noted that caviar itself contains a large percentage of salt. For example, in one sandwich more than 10% of the daily norm of salt, and this is not enough. Therefore, it is important not to abuse caviar in one sitting, because an increased amount of salt harms the vessels, and also causes swelling and high blood pressure.

The doctor also added that when buying caviar, it is important to pay attention to its composition so that it does not have sodium benzoate. This substance can lead to severe allergies.

It is advisable for children not to give caviar up to three years, older children can, but only in limited quantities.

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