Khakamada will not perform in Kiev



The organizers of the DreamBIG Forum business forum, which was announced on February 27 in Kiev, canceled the previously scheduled performance of Russian economist, publicist and political figure Irina Khakamada.

“We want to apologize to our guests for the fact that one of the planned speakers - business coach Irina Khakamada - will not speak at the DreamBIG Forum. Despite the fact that we conducted an initial check and agreed on the possibility of her entry with the relevant authorities, we are forced to refuse her speech. Because there are things that are important and unshakable for us, and the position on them cannot be ambiguous, ”the organizers of the Taryan Group forum said on their Facebook page on Sunday.

“There are solutions that at first glance seem correct and interesting. These solutions do not come on their own. They ask for them, they recommend them and many are waiting for them. But such decisions are like an iceberg, which under water can be much larger and more complex than over its surface ... We invited speakers from around the world to share their life experiences and their values. But it turned out that some of these values, in fact, do not correspond to ours. And we learned about it later than we would like, ”the organizers of the event explained.

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