A man suffering from memory loss disappeared in Kiev



In Kiev, they are looking for the missing Valentin Yermakov. A 67-year-old man left home in the Vinogradar area and did not return home. He could go by bus towards Obolon and get lost, as he suffers from a loss of memory.

Last time he was seen on January 4 at about 15:00. The informant was informed about this by the son of the missing person.

Signs: growth of 176 centimeters, the physique is dense, weighing about 90 kg.

He was wearing a black fabric raincoat, black jeans, black hat, black leather boots.

If you have any information about the possible whereabouts of Valentine, inform the relatives of the man by phone: 067-714-67-62 (Vitaliy) or 096-545-39-66 (Elena) or the police special line "102". And all the missing people who are being searched in Kiev, you can see by the tag “Search”.

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