Dangerous habit of covering your head while you sleep



Egyptian neurologist Asmaa al-Samawah has warned against the dangerous habit of hiding with one’s head during sleep. The specialist shared the relevant information on his Facebook page.

According to the neurologist, many do not know what the seemingly innocent habit can lead to, which is often associated with the desire to keep warm at an uncomfortable temperature in the bedroom. The danger lies in the fact that because of this there is an increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide and a lack of oxygen in the space available for breathing.

“This is similar to the detrimental effect of smoking, that is, it can lead to a catastrophe that affects the cells of the central organ of the central nervous system, ultimately threatening the atrophy of brain cells and stopping their growth. Among the obvious consequences: cognitive decline and loss of overall performance, ”Asmaa Al-Samava warned.

In turn, psychologists note that the habit of covering oneself with one’s head during sleep indicates a person’s desire to hide from problems. Subject to this action, men and women are most often shy, unpretentious, they are doing their best to avoid conflict situations. For them, this is a kind of expectation when the thunderstorm passes. Often a connection with a lack of attention from the opposite sex.

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