Top 5 Android smartphones of 2020



In the mobile phone industry, technology is moving fastest. Manufacturers are actively mastering the "fifth generation", which is still irrelevant for Ukraine.

Samsung has held the palm of its hands on the mobile communications market for the past few years. Already now, at the very beginning of 2020, you can purchase high-quality gadgets with wide functionality. According to Cnet, they will not be relevant all this year.

Category: “Most Premium Android App” - Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

According to the compilers of the rating, "the modified, multi-functional Note 10 Plus differs from its competitors." It is equipped with a “stunning” screen with a diagonal of 6.8 inches and good tools for photo and video shooting. And the battery at high load and performance can last a day without recharging. The cost of this gadget depends on the amount of internal memory (128 GB, 256 GB or 512 GB). In the Ukrainian segment of the Internet, its price ranges from 25-31 thousand UAH.

"Small, powerful and worth every penny" - Samsung Galaxy S10E

One of the most “friendly” phones for a consumer’s wallet, which, nevertheless, has non-poor functionality. It works under the control of an ultrafast chipset, and the battery can work for a long time - it can be charged wirelessly (price - 15-17 thousand UAH).

“Cheaper than the Pixel 3, but with the same good camera” - Google Pixel 3A

Compared to the more expensive Pixel 3, this unit is not equipped with a waterproof case. It does not support wireless charging and its disk space is limited to 64 gigabytes. But, as noted, he has a headphone jack and the same beautiful Night Sight camera, which can shoot perfectly in the dark (11-14 thousand UAH).

“The best Android smartphone of 2019 for its price” - OnePlus 7 Pro

On this device with a fairly rich and balanced functionality, you can find a price tag of $ 669 (in Ukraine - in the range of 17-26 thousand UAH). And this, according to Cnet, is the main advantage of this smartphone.

“The Best Budget Phone Made Better” - Motorola Moto G7

One of the most affordable (5-6 thousand UAH) and the most reliable smartphones on the market. Yes, he has only one speaker, so do not wait for stereo effects. He takes mediocre low-resolution photos and videos. But it has a sturdy case and a good battery reserve, which, moreover, can be quickly charged.

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