28 people died in Libya as a result of an airstrike on a military school



28 people died as a result of an air strike on a military school in the Libyan capital Tripoli, said the UN-supported government of that state on January 4.

"An air attack on a military school in Tripoli killed 28 cadets and injured dozens," said Amin al-Gasham, spokesman for the Ministry of Health of the Government of National Unity.

Another spokesman for the agency, Malik Merset, told the AP news agency that the attack occurred in the area of ​​the Hadaba capital south of the city center, where battles have been going on for several months.

According to Merset, 37 people were injured and were taken to nearby hospitals.

The government in Tripoli has blamed the attack on the self-proclaimed Libyan National Army. The group has not yet commented on this case.

The fighting in the Libyan capital between the LPA, which reports to General Khalifa Haftar and pro-government forces, has been ongoing since April 2019. Now the Government of National Unity holds control of the city.

In April, Haftar forces, supported by Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and, allegedly, Russian mercenaries, launched an attack on the capital.

Since 2011, after the overthrow and assassination of dictator Muammar Gaddafi, Libya has suffered from militant attacks and domestic violence.

Tripoli's internationally recognized government began operating in March 2016, but a rival political group in the far east refused to recognize it.

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