Australia fires killed 24 people and nearly 500,000 animals



At least 24 people died as a result of fires in Australia, as well as nearly half a billion animals. It is reported by UNN with reference to the Air Force.

“Since the beginning of the fires in September, at least 24 people have died,” the newspaper writes.

There is also a widespread estimate that nearly half a billion (480,000,000) animals died as a result of fires in Australia.

"Nearly 200 fires are still burning across the country, and although most of the attention was paid to New South Wales, this was true for all states and territories. More than 1,200 homes were destroyed and millions of hectares of land burned out. Tens of thousands of homes in the states of New South Wales and Victoria currently do not have electricity. Over the past week, thousands of people have been evacuated from coastal cities, "the newspaper writes.

It also became known that on Saturday evening in New South Wales, a tower exploded, where there were millions of liters of water, and flooded many houses and cars.

However, firefighters in New South Wales managed to raise more than $ 20 million in just 48 hours, as the state is struggling with a forest fire crisis. While Prime Minister Scott Morrison called 3,000 people from the reserve forces to help.

Celebrities also helped in the fight against fires, among them American singer Pink and Oscar winner Nicole Kidman, who promised $ 500,000.

It is noted that Singapore and Papua New Guinea did not stand aside, offering military support to Australia, and New Zealand sent three more Air Force helicopters.

Moods in Canberra were rated as bad in the world - residents are advised not to leave home, because the Australian airline Qantas canceled flights to and from the city until the end of the week.

However, it is expected that on Sunday it will be cooler in the south-east of the country - in places with rains. Firefighters warned that the next threat could be expected from the start of the week.

Recall that large-scale forest fires swept the east coast of Australia in mid-October last year. So far, fire has covered large areas in the southeast of the continent in the states of New South Wales and Victoria, several regions on the south coast are closed to tourists, and their residents have received an urgent evacuation order. As a result of fires, about 6 million hectares of forest, about 2 thousand residential buildings and about 3 thousand administrative and household buildings were destroyed.

Environmentalists claim that nearly half a billion animals died due to a fire in Australia.

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