Australia will send the military to extinguish forest fires



Australia will attract more than three thousand reservist troops to fight forest fires, according to the Russian service of Radio Liberty.

According to Minister of Defense Linda Reynolds, the government took unprecedented measures, since there is no other way to fight fire.

The states of Victoria and New South Wales declared a state of emergency.

In Australia, over five million hectares of forest have burned out in recent months. Killed at least 23 people and hundreds of thousands of animals. Destroyed more than a thousand homes. In some areas, it is impossible to extinguish fires from the air due to heavy smoke.

Authorities send warships to coastal areas to evacuate local residents.

Fires in Australia have become so widespread that they are visible from space.

Pictures of the red continent were made by the satellite of the Japan Meteorological Agency Himawari-8. Photos are updated in real time every ten minutes, due to forest fires on the southeast coast of the continent, the level of air pollution in the Australian capital Canberra is 26 times higher than the critical mark “life threatening”. Fire spreads particularly fast due to record high temperatures and strong winds.

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