In Ukraine, the service "аMalyatko"



Prime Minister of Ukraine Oleksiy Goncharuk announced the start of the introduction of the comprehensive єMalyatko service, which, he said, would greatly simplify the lives of newly-minted parents.

According to the head of government on his page on Facebook, the program is launched in accordance with the decree of the head of state.

"Today, in the Kharkov city perinatal center, the parents of a newborn baby for the first time would receive the six necessary services with only one application. Under this condition, they did not have to fill out 37 forms and spend a lot of time walking around the offices. They did this in a few minutes in the center," he emphasized.

Goncharuk noted that by the end of January, such a service would be possible in another 10 Ukrainian cities: Kiev, Dnipro, Odessa, Zaporozhye, Rivne, Krivoy Rog, Lviv, Lutsk, Vinnitsa and Mariupol.

“How does тMalyatko simplify the life of newly-minted parents? Instead of bureaucratic“ schematoses ”, in dozens of instances and long queues there will be a single application according to which parents can receive ten services directly in the maternity hospital or online on the Diya website,” the prime minister noted .

In addition, the head of government listed the services that can be used by parents of newborns:

1 - state registration of the birth of a child;

2 - registration of the place of residence of the child;

3 - the appointment of assistance at birth;

4 - registration of a newborn child in the electronic health system;

5 - registration of a born child in the State register of individuals - tax payers;

6 - obtaining certificates of parents of a large family and a child from a large family;

7 - determination of the origin of the newborn whose parents are not married;

8 - determination of a child’s citizenship of Ukraine;

9 - assignment of a unique record number to the child in the Unified State Demographic Register;

10 - the appointment of assistance to large families.

“This is an absolutely unique story for Ukraine. Parents from the moment they give birth to a child will spend more time on his upbringing instead of lengthy processing of various packages of documents,” summarized Goncharuk.


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