The best entertainment program of the year



"Evening Quarter" was watched by more than 12 million Ukrainians.
Traditionally, New Year’s Evening Quarter has become the New Year’s top-rated television product. According to audience 18-54 (Ukraine), the program rating was 9.8%, the share was 24.0%; audience 18-54 (50K +) - rating - 10.9%, share - 26.2%.

In a repeat on January 1, this issue also showed high rates of television viewing: according to audience 18-54 (Ukraine), the program rating was 4.9%, the share was 14.1%; audience 18-54 (50K +) - rating - 5.4%, share - 18.0%.

Thus, the total coverage of the New Year’s release of “Evening Quarter” for two days of the show amounted to 12.4 million spectators (audience 4+ (Ukraine)).

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