YouTube announced the list of the most popular games of 2019



Gamers love games so much that they are ready not only to play them all day, but also to watch for hours how others do it. Strong evidence - millions of views of summer plays on Twitch and YouTube. The administration of the latter amounted to the top 10 titles that were most popular on the service in 2019. Expectedly, Minecraft is ahead of the rest.

What is unexpected is the bronze medalist of the rating - Grand Theft Auto V. It would seem that the game is already quite old and does not regularly offer, unlike Fortnite itself, large packs of new content, avoiding rare additions. However, this does not stop gamers from enjoying action movies. The entire top 10 is as follows:

Grand theft auto v
Garena free fire
Pubg mobile
League of Legends
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
Brawl stars
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

The funny thing is that the mobile PUBG has overtaken the older version in popularity, and the fact that only LoL got into the top from eSports disciplines. Even funnier, the list includes games like Garena Free Fire and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang - titles that are not very popular in the West. But they are quite popular in Asia, and this is a very large market.

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