Why, in the Mariinsky Park, instead of the old lanterns, new ones appeared “in the style of the Epicenter”



Residents of Kiev who like to walk around the Mariinsky park have already noticed that instead of the old lampposts with cast iron casting of the 1950s, new ones appeared. Some citizens were very outraged by this change, because the old lanterns were part of the historical ensemble of the park.

On social networks, people began to express their displeasure. The Informant learned about this from the post of architecture researcher Semen Shirochin on Facebook.

“During the repair of lighting in the Mariinsky Park, the original lampposts with cast iron of the 1950s were replaced with regular items from the Epicenter style. And all this is for our 18 million hryvnias, ”Semyon said.

The tender documentation states that the park is undergoing "overhaul of outdoor lighting networks with the replacement of mercury and sodium lamps with LED lamps." Its cost is more than 18 million hryvnias.

In the comments under the post of Shirochin, local historian Anton Korob noted that the old lampposts were an integral part of the grave-monument to General Vatutin. The status of the complex as an object of cultural heritage of national importance is fixed in the Cabinet of Ministers resolution dated 03.09.2009 No. 928.

The Kyivgorsvet utility company (the customer) explained that the old lamps were in disrepair. In addition, public utilities argue that they had a plastic base, and only part of the brackets consisted of cast iron, and more than 60 pillars were damaged during the Revolution of Dignity.

Note that the new park supports are made entirely of cast iron, they have an LED lamp and are anti-vandal. Also, during the repair, two support lamps were replaced at the entrance to the park, which were in operation for a long time and were in emergency condition.

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