Heavenly hundreds of families and their lawyers demand the dismissal of the new head of the GDB department for Maidan affairs



Families of the heroes of Heavenly Hundred and their lawyers claim that the appointment of Alexander Buryak to the post of head of the department of the State Bureau of Investigation for Maidan was closed and opaque, and his reputation is dubious.

Families of the Heavenly Hundred heroes and their lawyers opposed the appointment of Alexander Buryak to the post of head of the department of the State Bureau of Investigation for Maidan. The corresponding statement was published on January 3 on the page of the public organization "Family of Heavenly Hundred Heroes".

"The appointment took place as closed and non-transparent as possible. It is not known by what criteria the leader was elected and why Buryak was appointed to such an important position. He has no experience working with Maidan's affairs, achievements in other matters, but there is a dubious reputation," the statement said .

It is noted that it is Buryak that is mentioned in the NABU records from the office of the chairman of the Kiev District Administrative Court, Pavel Vovk, which were published on the official site of NABU.

"It follows from them that Vovk is in such close friendly relations with Buryak that he can get the right decision or investigative action from the RRG. In particular, Vovka’s conversation on the case of the appointment of Yevgeny Ablov as the head of the Nikolaev RRDG department is recorded" , - stressed the families of Heavenly hundreds.

The statement indicates that the search actions that resulted in these records were carried out during the investigation of the Maidan case, and a number of judges of the District Administrative Court are involved in the Maidan case.

"This indicates that Buryak has a real conflict of interest, which casts doubt on an objective investigation of the key cases of the Maidan. These facts will make constructive cooperation of the victims with the leadership of this department impossible and will negatively affect public confidence in the investigation of the Maidan," statement.

Lawyers and activists called on the acting director of the GDB, Irina Venediktova, to cancel the decision to appoint Buryak and to hold an open and transparent competition for this position. They ask to give an advantage to contestants who have an impeccable reputation, experience in the investigation of Maidan and enjoy the trust of victims and society.

The investigation of the Maidan was carried out by the department of special investigations of the GPU, which was headed by the prosecutor Sergei Gorbatyuk. Since November 20, 2019, the prosecutor's office lost its authority to investigate criminal proceedings, so the Gorbatyuk administration was disbanded. In September, the GPU created a department of the procedural guide on criminal proceedings on crimes committed in connection with the mass protests in 2013-2014, it included three departments.

Most of the cases about the events on Euromaidan should be referred to the State Bureau of Investigation for investigation, as well as to the Security Service of Ukraine, the National Police and the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine. The GPU reported that the officers of the special investigations department were offered to either go to work in the State Security Bureau to continue to investigate Maidan cases, or after certification, to continue working in the GPU in the new department of the procedural guide for Maidan affairs.

On November 18, 2019, the then director of the State Bureau of Investigation, Roman Truba, announced that a department had been created in his department that would deal with the affairs of the Maidan. It may take three months to transfer cases from the GPU, he noted.

October 22, it became known about the dismissal of Gorbatyuk from the GPU. He said that he was not allowed to be certified due to the refusal to submit a standard application. Gorbatyuk considers his dismissal illegal.

On January 2, 2019, Buryak was appointed head of the GDB Investigation Department of Maidan.

In late 2013 and early 2014, mass protests took place in Ukraine, which led to a change of power - President Viktor Yanukovych fled to Russia. Throughout the conflict, law enforcement agencies and armed bandits hired by the authorities opposed the protesters. According to the GPU, more than 2.2 thousand people suffered as a result of the confrontation. Killed 80 protesters and 13 law enforcement officers.

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