In Germany, a zoo burned down, in which all animals died



On the night of January 1, in the German city of Krefeld, a monkey burned down. As a result of the accident, about 30 animals were killed.

Rescuers were reported about the fire at 0.38. When a few minutes later firefighters arrived, the zoo building was already blazing. The monkey burned to the ground.

“Our worst fears have come true. None of the animals survived in the monkey house. They managed to save the aviary with gorillas, which adjoins the room with the monkeys. In this enclosure, built in 2012, a family of seven gorillas lives, ”the zoo said in a statement.

The Associated Press clarifies that five orangutans, two gorillas, chimpanzees and several monkeys, as well as birds and bats, died. Firefighters rescued two chimpanzees, they got burns, but are in a stable condition.

The press service of the zoo said that all the animals that were in the monkey died in the fire. The nearby "Gorilla Garden" and the Kidogo family living there survived.

The cause of the fire is unknown. According to preliminary information, air lanterns that were launched as part of the New Year celebration could lead to a fire.

Due to the tragedy, the work of the zoo has been suspended. The zoo in Krefeld was opened in 1975, about 400 thousand people visit it annually.

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