Russia has stopped oil supplies to Belarus


Belarusian oil refineries in Mozyr and Novopolotsk told Radio Liberty, operating on last year’s reserves with minimal load.

Moscow and Minsk have still not agreed on key issues regarding the price of oil for 2020, the tariff for transit through the territory of Belarus, as well as compensation for Russian changes in taxation of the oil industry.

The absence of Radio Liberty contracts was confirmed in the petroleum product sales department of the Novopolotsk enterprise Naftan (Vitebsk region). They noted that from January 1, the supply of raw materials was stopped - there are no new agreements with oil companies. The company operates on balances from last year. At the same time, the load has to be reduced, the company said. The situation is similar at the oil refinery in Mozyr, Gomel region, an administration official noted.

Belarus also supplies its refineries to Ukraine.

In the last days of 2019, the presidents of Russia and Belarus held telephone conversations, following which Alexander Lukashenko convened a meeting on December 31 with the leadership of the petrochemical complex and instructed to “connect alternative sources”. First of all, we are talking about the supply of raw materials by rail from ports in the Baltic, as well as through the Druzhba oil pipeline.

Belarus has experience of alternative deliveries from Venezuela - during the conflict with Russia over 110,000,000 tons of oil were transferred from overseas. Belarus also received oil from Azerbaijan in transit through Ukraine.

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