Scriabin's daughter gave an open interview for the first time



The only daughter of the legendary Andrei Kuzmenko Barbara, who recently got married, gave the first exclusive interview, admitting that her husband would have liked her father. The girl said that she and Dad had a very warm relationship.

“Dad and I always trusted each other very much. We were very close, so he would have definitely treated my husband very well,” said Barbara Kuzmenko.

Barbara’s man, Victor, in turn, told how he met his wife’s family.

“There was no excitement. The first meeting was with my mother. Since grandmothers live in Lviv, we went to the city to get acquainted with one grandmother, and then another,” said Victor Tur.

In an interview, Barbara declassified how the marriage proposal came about and about the surprise that Viktor had prepared for her.

The proposal was very romantic, because it was in the place where we first saw each other. It was a surprise, however, for two months I realized that this will happen, because I found screenshots with rings on the phone, "said the newly made wife.

Barbara and Victor Thur are on the same course at the A. A. Bogomolets Medical University. In the future, the guy plans to connect his life with surgery, and Scriabin’s daughter will become a dermatologist and cosmetologist. The couple got married in December, as their parents were against the wedding in leap 2020.


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