Since 2020, the price of cigarettes has risen in Ukraine



Since January 1, 2020, in Ukraine, cigarette prices have risen in price by almost 20%, and one pack now costs about 45 UAH on average.

Also, sticks for tobacco-heating devices (such as IQOS) are becoming more expensive. It is reported by the Money Informant, with reference to

This is dictated by an increase in the excise tax on cigarettes, which, according to the law of 2017, occurs annually and cigarettes will go up in price until 2025.

In particular, the excise tax increased from 949 UAH per kilogram to 1139 UAH, and for electronic cigarettes and tobacco heating systems the excise tax rises to 1213 hryvnias (previously it was the same as for regular cigarettes). Therefore, the price of cigarettes rises on average to 45 UAH per pack, and on sticks - up to 63 UAH.

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