Why did 2.9 billion dollars go back to Russia, for which Kobolev wrote himself a bonus of 25 million dollars.



The issue is the price of gas for Russian and Belarusian generations (electricity production). In Russia, the gas price is 74 USD / 1000m3, in Belarus 120 and ours for 200 + USD / 1000m3, while in Russia they sell electricity for 170-180 kopecks / g per kWh. In Ukraine, dumping 120-140 on RSV + "price cap" + GarPok. Here legs grow from here.

Ukrainian coal generation has approximately 120-130 production costs, without margin. But the system operator makes thermal generation work for 70-120 kopecks / g, and this is already below cost. There is not enough money in the entire Ukrainian energy system, in the Atomic, Hydro, Thermal and already in the "green energy", and the money has been "going" to Russia and Belarus for the last four months after the amendments of Gerus to the law 2233.

How we were deceived once again. And we built Energy Independence.

Author Valery Tokar.

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