5 ignored symptoms of hypertension



Doctors named the 5 most often ignored symptoms of hypertension.

It is reported by Medikforum.

Italian doctors talked about the symptoms of hypertension, which are especially often ignored by people. Among these were morning headache and flickering dots in the eyes.

Doctors warn that arterial hypertension is not a disease, but a risk factor, in other words, a circumstance that increases the likelihood of cardiovascular diseases - angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, stroke. That is why it is important to detect and treat hypertension in a timely manner. Without treatment, its consequences for the cardiovascular system, as well as other organs (such as the kidneys), can be catastrophic.

Diagnosis of hypertension is complicated by the fact that people often ignore its symptoms, linking them with other ailments, experts noted.

Doctors called five often ignored symptoms of hypertension:

the first is a headache after waking up;

the second is dizziness;

the third is ringing in the ears;

the fourth is the appearance of bright spots in front of the eyes;

fifth - nosebleeds.

If the above conditions are present, an examination by a doctor is required, experts stated.

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