European Solidarity Party Statement on Prisoner Exchange



European Solidarity categorically condemns the inclusion in the lists of prisoners of ex-Golden Eagle who were involved in the killings of Heavenly Hundred during the Revolution of Dignity.

Russia has always sought to include them in the exchange lists, but the fifth president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and our political force have always considered such a format unacceptable.

We, like no one, understand the crucial importance of the release of our citizens from captivity, and that is why Petro Poroshenko has achieved the release of more than 3,000 Ukrainian prisoners. However, at the same time, he always found other opportunities for the release of Ukrainian from captivity.

The decision of the authorities to exchange persons involved in crimes against participants in the revolution of dignity will break the last strings to direct customers of crimes, and now it is obvious that these strings lead to Moscow, to the main customer of Putin and his puppet Yanukovych. The desire of the Russians to obtain Berkutovites under their jurisdiction is a public recognition of the Kremlin’s involvement in the mass shootings on the Maidan, and the exchange of prisoners was necessary only to suppress the crimes that began the Russian military intervention in Ukraine.

Not for that, Russia needed the extradition of the Berkut soldiers to organize an exchange of prisoners, but for that, Russia needed the exchange of prisoners to receive the Berkut soldiers.

Moreover, the Ukrainian authorities agree to extradite important participants and witnesses to the crimes of Russian agents to Russia. Although, could one have expected something else from the puffers, who, in the midst of the tragic events on the Maidan, advised the "Golden Eagle" with ebony sticks to receive electricity by beating the protesters?

Particularly disgusted is Attorney General Ryaboshapka, who, according to the materials of the US investigation, is “100%” Zelensky’s man, instead of providing fair punishment for criminals, he publicly justifies their release “right in the courtroom”.

The loss of the persons involved in the killings on the Maidan will make it impossible to punish the perpetrators and customers of the crimes committed during the Revolution of Dignity, and the responsibility for this will rest exclusively with the current government and personally President Zelensky.

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