Where in Kiev is a huge hangar with dozens of rare buses?



On the web there were pictures of a huge bus fleet number 7, which is located in Kiev.

It was built on an area of ​​20 thousand square meters back in 1973, writes carakoom. Its purpose was to serve buses that move around the city and intercity.

On the territory there is an administration building, an Ikarus service center, a laundry and a building, where today there are several dozen buses that are unlikely to ever be seen on Kiev roads.

The construction itself is unique in its form. It is built in the shape of a tent and has a diameter of 160 meters. In the center there is a bansha support, from which more than 200 cables are stretched. Concrete dome slabs are fixed on these cables.

The building has long been unusable and is in disrepair. There are only decommissioned buses, but once upon a time 300 units of equipment were located here.

Locals call the building a "circus" or "Bogdanovsky cemetery" and, most likely, will be demolished. But it would be very interesting to turn it into a museum.


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