An 80-year-old grandmother on an Audi R8 at a speed of 300 kilometers per hour?



An 80-year-old grandmother came to her grandson in Germany, and not only to see her grandson, but also to drive a powerful Audi R8 supercar along the Nurburgring racetrack.

For the last couple of years, blogger Misha Karudin spent almost every day driving various sports cars or taught novice riders to drive along the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife race track.

I must admit that he knows the track so well that one day he drove a full circle, blindfolded. To share his passion for the track, Misha invited his grandmother to ride an Audi R8 with him.

The mouse chose a German supercar Audi R8 V10, which is an ideal car to drive grandmother at a speed of 300 km / h. A 600 horsepower V10 engine can spin up to 8500 engine revolutions per minute.

The official top speed of the Audi R8 Performance is listed at 329.84 km / h, making it a great car to set your personal top speed record.

So we can say with confidence that the Audi R8 V10 Performance is the perfect car for Grandma to travel around the Nurburgring. The spacious interior makes it easy enough to enter and exit the car, which cannot be said about the "cousins" of this car - Italian supercars Lamborghini.

Regardless of the car he drives, Misha turns each circle into a master class on driving. His driving experience in circuit racing and the daily briefing of everyone who wants to master the Nürburgring track means that he is one of the best drivers in the world.

Grandma Michael was the perfect "navigator" when driving on the racetrack. She enjoys the ride quietly, while her grandson can focus on driving.

And we must pay tribute to her, all along the way, this elderly woman kept very well, she in no way gave out alarms.


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