End of payphone era



On February 1, 2020, Ukrtelecom will cease to service and will begin to dismantle payphones - public telephone machines installed in public places. This was reported by the press service of the company.

From January to October 2019, Ukrainians talked in pay phones for 380,000 minutes, in 2017 - 900,000 minutes. On average, about 2.5 minutes of calls occur daily from one payphone. Now the network has about 4800 payphones. Almost all of them are located in cities.

The company states that modern communications have not left payphones, and the equipment is physically and morally outdated, and generally not manufactured in Ukraine.

As in other countries
Payphones are gradually disappearing in many countries of the world, however, many where they are still actively used. So, in the USA there are still more than 100,000 payphones, although their number over the past 20 years has decreased by 95%. A fifth of these devices are in New York. At the same time, companies operating payphones even report on the profitability of this business.

In Canada, according to statistics, more than 30% of citizens used a payphone at least once in 2015. Payphones are placed on subway platforms for cases when emergency calls are required.

In some cities, telephone boxes are not dismantled, but used differently. First of all, it concerns London - the red booth is considered its symbol. There, the payphone booths will be converted to small Pod Works offices with Wi-Fi, power supplies and a small work table. In Shanghai, micro-libraries are being set up in booths. Payphone booths are also converted into kiosks, flowerbeds, bookcrossing points, Wi-Fi distribution points, etc.


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