The fifth action in a month against integration with Russia takes place in Minsk



On December 29, Minsk is hosting the fifth rally in the last month against deepening the integration of Belarus and Russia.

This was reported by "European Truth" with reference to Radio Svaboda.

Dozens of people gathered on October Square at noon, including the leader of the solidarity movement “together” Vyacheslav Sivchik and co-chairman of the Belarusian Christian democracy Olga Kovalkova, chairman of the United Civil Party Nikolay Kozlov.

Protesters hold portraits of prisoners of the opposition and posters against integration with Russia.

The second version of the protest, which was announced earlier, is a living chain, which should be organized later on Sunday.

Recall that in December there were already four actions against integration with Russia. All of them were dedicated to the talks between Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin. After the mass rallies on December 7 and 8, the police held preventive conversations with the participants, warning of a violation of the law, and partly drew up protocols. Courts have already passed over the majority of participants: the majority received fines, several people, including the organizer of the actions, Pavel Sevyarynets, are under arrest.

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