Instead of Kievproject, a residential high-rise building may appear?



At the end of December, information appeared in the network that a new multi-story residential building could appear in the center of Kiev. At the moment, nothing is known about the project itself - until even the construction plan is ready.

Yes, and apartments in the new building can not yet be bought. This was reported by the informant with a link to a site about new buildings of the LUN.

The KYIVPROEKT City Space LCD page appeared on the site on December 25th. However, even now on the page there is practically no information about the project. It is only known that the partners in this project are Perfect Group Saga Development and Kyivproekt Development. The new building will have to appear in the very center of the capital - on 16-22 Bogdan Khmelnitsky Street. Now the building of the former Kievproject OJSC, which has already turned into Kyivproekt Development, is located at this address. Kievproject was founded in 1937. It was this enterprise that was responsible for the post-war reconstruction of Khreshchatyk. What exactly will happen to the building, which is now located at this address, is unknown.

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