What will change for owners of electric cars from January 1, 2020



On electric cars in Ukraine from January 1, 2020 will be set to "green" numbers. It was then that the amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine regarding the creation of access to the infrastructure of charging stations for electric vehicles would come into force.
Why do this?
It is noted that the corresponding law the Parliament adopted on July 11, 2019, and it will enter into force on January 1, 2020, as can be seen from the bill’s card on the parliament’s website.

“The law is designed to protect the rights of drivers of vehicles equipped with electric motors (one or more) to access charging stations for electric vehicles; improve and bring closer to European standards relations in the field of road safety; as well as increase the workload of existing charging stations for electric vehicles and provide more opportunities for further development of the infrastructure and network of charging stations for electric vehicles, ”the explanatory note to the law says.

What will change?
Starting from the new year, parking lots for electric vehicles will be equipped with special signs. If a fuel or gasoline car is parked at this, then a fine of 340-510 UAH is provided for the violator.

In addition, other specifications for license plates will apply for electric cars. To identify the vehicle without an internal combustion engine, it is equipped with numbers in green font.

How many electric cars?
The explanatory note notes that Ukraine today is one of the leaders in terms of growth in sales of electric vehicles. As of June 1, 2019, more than 25 thousand electric vehicles and hybrids are registered in Ukraine, which is 56% more than a year ago. However, recently, growth rates have accelerated. So, during May of this year, 97% more such cars were registered than in the same period last year.

At the same time, the document says, infrastructure is a key element in the development of any industry or sector of the economy. For the electric vehicle industry, an extensive network of charging infrastructure is the key to the comfortable use of electric vehicles with the ability to travel not only within populated areas, but also to make long-distance trips.

What problems?
One of the problems that impedes the development of electric mobility in Ukraine is the settlement of the issue of equipment for parking and charging electric vehicles, the lack of appropriate road signs. Repeatedly recorded cases where places that are equipped with chargers are engaged in vehicles without an electric motor. This creates problems for the access of electric cars to the charging station, often hinders the further movement of electric vehicles due to the low charge of the battery and slows down the development of infrastructure.

In addition to the corresponding road signs, the issue of identification of vehicles equipped with electric motors has not been settled in Ukraine either. In particular, such signs are used in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Norway, Great Britain, China, India, Latvia, Ontario in Canada and the like. Thus, the adoption of the bill will harmonize Ukrainian legislation in the field of marking vehicles with an electric motor in the best European and world standards.

According to a survey of experts from the Ukrainian electric transport market conducted by the IRS Group research agency in May 2019, 75% of experts consider the presence of special parking spaces designed for parking vehicles equipped with electric engines to be a factor in the sustainable development of the market.

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