The wife of the star of the "Great Age" showed a figure after childbirth



The wife of Burak Ozchivita Fahrie Evgen, as fans noticed, gained weight after childbirth.
In the spring of 2019, the star of the Magnificent Century, Burak Ozchivit, first became a father. His 32-year-old wife, actress Fahrie Evgen, gave him a son on April 15, who was named Karan. He was born 3.67 kilograms and a height of 52 centimeters. However, the couple did not publish photos or videos with the newborn. Evgen will also ozchitit - perhaps the most secretive couple of Turkish show business.

But the other day a miracle happened! On the Internet, photos of lovers with a newborn baby were merged, which became a real hit. Fans can’t get enough of it, but they also note how much Fahrie Evgen has changed since the birth of the first child. They are sent to the latest photos on the Turkish actress’s official Instagram page, which is monitored by about 9 million people, and does not cease to be compared with fresh ones.

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