Dubilet drew attention to the birthdays of Ukrainians



Cabinet Minister Dmytro Dubilet during work on Ukrainians' fertility statistics found that after 1990 people in Ukraine began to be born more often on weekdays. According to Dubilet, this is an alarming trend - doctors began to think less about the interests of newborns.

According to statistics, in Soviet times, children were born on any day of the week the same way, and after 1990, most children began to be born on weekdays. According to Dubilet, statistics show that after 1990, doctors began to more often artificially stimulate childbirth. They count so that children are not born on the weekend. Peaks on Tuesday are explained by the fact that on this day a cesarean section is more often prescribed.

Artificial stimulation of earlier births poses negative health risks. Dubilet believes that in Ukrainian maternity hospitals medical decisions are not always made based on the interests of the child.

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