Georgian Prime Minister rejects criticism of the opposition in connection with his speech at the GUAM summit



Georgian Prime Minister Georgy Gaharia considers the criticism of opposition members regarding his speech at the summit of the Organization for Democracy and Economic Development - GUAM in Kiev in Russian not serious.

"This is an international organization, the language defines the protocol, and secondly, it was the request of the party, the host and all the prime ministers spoke in Russian," the prime minister told reporters on Friday.

According to him, the opposition representatives are trying to shift attention from important issues, such as strategic cooperation between Georgia and Ukraine, to "incomprehensible formulas."

"This all causes a smile. On our part, organizing a demarche in this part (through the Russian language) would be not only inappropriate, but counterproductive and would hinder the achievement of the results that we have achieved today with the Ukrainian side," Gakharia said.

The head of the Georgian government also commented on recent events in the Georgian parliament, where on the eve several deputies needed medical assistance because of unknown liquid spilled in the meeting room, probably by activists of one of the opposition organizations.

"Unfortunately, political hooligans appeared in our political process, who spill liquid somewhere, then, to cover this topic, they start talking about the language the prime minister spoke," Gahar said.

"They are ordinary political hooligans who have not figured out what street politics is and what a parliamentary political process is," the Georgian prime minister said.

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